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About Tony Mancus

Tony Mancus is the author of a handful of chapbooks. He lives with his wife Shannon and three yappy cats in Arlington, VA.

Three Poems – Tony Mancus



And the story’s all over

Other blown things flew, during the working crew’s insomnia and a venerable barn got swallowed by a township of bees. Their wax and buzz.

Some flowerlike thing took to the painted red wood.

Slats grew porous, hospitable.

When people came to the noise from across the country, a living structure stood before them.
It performed few great feats. Breathing. Wings and production methods carefully observed, as holidays can be.

One man stood next to a child whose mouth hung O.
A woman wore her best hat, crowned by dense and cherry woods.
The next person to say a vowel sound would be set upon by a mass.
The hive decided. Then descended.
The people took up collections and padded down the drive while some church-laden folk sang O. As a swarm of wings brought them up into the air
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