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COLDGOLDCHAIN writes poetry under the pseudonym Robert Duncan Gray.

Three Poems (#2) – Robert Duncan Gray



Haggard Europe and the Graveyard of Human Rights

Would you like
To love each other

In traffic perhaps Never
having had a brother

To leave in the car
Or lose at the Supermarket

It's different
In different places

But small birds
Mostly the same
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Three Poems – Robert Duncan Gray

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I have eaten your pussy like a hundred times. It never ceases to 
amaze me.
We go soft sometimes. Sometimes we go soft and then what?
I cook some shrimp to put into some pasta
with broccoli and what? Some creamy sauce. Butter garlic something.
I got hard thinking about you eating your leftover slice this morning.
Not really, but you know what I'm talking about. I know
what I'm talking about. I bought some Olde E. at the shop.
That's just something that happened today.
There was poetry there, but this is not it.

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