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About Kevin Kantor

As a spoken word poet, teaching artist, and queer agent for social change, Kevin's poetry explores young adulthood, loss, living and loving while queer, the "it's complicated" relationship status between poetry and the Millenial generation.His first chapbook collection of poetry, Endowing Vegetables With Too Much Meaning, is available now ( .

Three Poems – Kevin Kantor



everything is melting in colorado 
when my mother’s sister calls to tell me
               she lost three fingers
but doesn’t mention which.

i number each of my own, palms down
build a snowman with my elbows 
and crack my knuckles like code:

1 2 3 - 5 6 - - 9 10
she can still pick up a bottle.

1 2 3 4 5 - - 8 - 10
she will pull the trigger with the left hand.

- 2 3 4 - - 7 8 9 10
she can’t hitchhike.

i am suddenly very drunk
i have him trapped in the mudroom
he looks very handsome with short hair
and nothing like the boy i clawed my way out of 
i wonder how much cheap beer we’ll have to drink before every conversation 
we have stops tasting like false pretense 

we are casually discussing cancer 
while i continuously count to seven in my head.
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